Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy Services





Ages 3-11:  With kids ages 3-11, parents are very involved with the process and privy to more information about the content of the session. Kids tend to do well with games, drawing, sand play, board games and other hands on activities. We use these types of activities in several ways 1. the activity itself is therapeutic and teaching a lesson to the child or 2. the activity is something for them to do with their hands, so their mind is more free to share with therapist. Family sessions are incorporated as needed.

Ages 12-21:  Adolescents can come to therapy without an adult present. They get to sign their own paperwork. Parents also sign their paperwork and get a more general overview of progress youth is making in sessions. Family sessions are incorporated as needed. Handouts, talking and some more age appropriate games are used to help accomplish treatment goals.





Ages 21-99:  We see adults individually or parents together to help manage kid behavior or support them through the parenting years. We have a background in child welfare and working closely with foster parents as well. We do also treat issues unrelated to children including coping with a cancer diagnosis, grief after loss, end of life concerns, depression, anger, anxiety, finding your voice, setting boundaries, victims of abuse, power and control issues, relationship issues, and rebuilding a sense of self. We tend to be more cognitive behavioral with adults, using several concrete psychoeducational handouts.

LifePoint uses Skype’s encrypted video sessions upon request.  This requires a quiet space, a tested device with Skype app installed, privacy, and reliable internet connection.  Phone sessions are also available from the convenience of your own home.  Just make an appointment online or email, call or text 224-208-5228 to set up your first eSession.