Managing Life During COVID-19

Covid 19

In early March of this year, schools closed and businesses shut down, forcing countless people of all ages and demographics to stay home. The COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 has brought change to households all over the world — changes that could be good or bad depending on your life circumstance. We hope this article offers some practical tips for managing life during COVID-19.

Many households have been left without a job, or have had reduced income while kids are home doing school work. Others have been forced to work from home with kids who have also been required to do the same. In either case, difficult changes are happening that are bringing about stresses that need to be approached in a healthy manner. Here are some ways to weather the storm that is everyone’s “new now.”

1. Have a Routine During COVID-19

Before the pandemic, you likely had a routine that consisted of you going to work and getting kids off to school. You had lunch breaks and recess/time to yourself. While your routine doesn’t resemble what it used to, you can still have a routine. Perhaps you start out with helping kids with school work, then you working during their breaks. Maybe you can combine efforts and work all together at the same time so you can have your breaks together.

Whatever works for you is what you should do, but you will find that routine will create a feeling of normalcy at a time that is anything but normal.

2. Communicate

Even with the very best routines, there will be times when things aren’t quite working. Maybe your child is struggling with a school concept that you aren’t equipped to help with. Perhaps you are having a hard time attending important meetings without a lot of background noise. 

Everyone is having challenges adjusting, so just make sure you communicate with teachers and employers in a respectful way, letting them know how things are going and why. Chances are, you will be met with support, and things will soon be ironed out.

3. Know Your Limits

You may feel like you have suddenly been charged with doing it all. This is because you have. You are now the parent, provider, teacher, chef and maid all day long. Every day is the same, and you may have times when you feel like giving up.

While you shouldn’t give up entirely, there may be things that you need to say no to. If your middle school-aged child is fighting you about his math or science work that he doesn’t understand, and neither do you, maybe it’s time to pick your battles. Middle school grades don’t “count,” but your relationship with your child does.

If you feel like there are battles that you can’t win, maybe it’s time to take a step back and see if they are even battles worth fighting.

4. Take Time To Be Together During COVID-19

Right now, families are being forced into their homes, and are spending more time together than ever before. Even with this time in the same home, many families still struggle to really be together. 

Take this time to really talk and try to understand one another. Eat meals together. Watch movies. If allowed, take a walk around the block, or a drive with the windows down. Get to know each other, and love each other.

If there’s one thing that this can teach us, is the importance of having a family to help us work together through challenging times. And when it’s all said and done, the pandemic of 2020 may very well be the best time of your lives. 

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