Children And Divorce

Helping Children Cope with Divorce Through Family Counseling

Divorce can be a difficult and stressful experience for both adults and children. It is natural for children to feel a range of emotions, including sadness, anger, and confusion, and it is important for parents to provide support and guidance to help their children cope with the changes. Family counseling can be an effective tool …

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What Is My Child Watching

Why You Should Really Monitor What Your Kids Watch

The negative effect violent video games and shows have on kids, and what parents can do to help An 11-year-old boy sits in his room and plays the popular and rather playful game, Fortnite. He’s moving his player around with his gaming controller, scoping out the next player to kill. After successfully killing 99 other …

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Due to the expansion of the COVID-19 pandemic, LIFEPOINT IS GOING VIRTUAL until the pandemic passes!  

Lucky for all of us, like many other insurance companies, Blue Cross is now covering virtual sessions (aka telemedicine)! We care so deeply for our clinicians and clients we want to do our part in stopping this from spreading. 

As of Monday 3/16/20, we are all set to support social distancing AND keep continuity of care through online video sessions from the comfort of your own home!  Please call our office or contact your therapist for further information. 

We are also offering 30 minute virtual sessions for those needing to manage anxiety and depression from the COVID situation itself. Please call our office to set this up! 

Our number is the same: 224-208-5228

Thank you and be well!

LifePoint just added a second location in Libertyville!

We have hired 4 new therapists and offer the same warm, inviting, and fun space for youth counseling at our new 10 office suite at 1870 Winchester Rd, Libertyville, IL.

We still offer In-person and virtual sessions. We also have services for Russian and Kazakh Speakers!

Please call our office to set up your initial assessment!

We're still in Gurnee and our number is the same: 224-208-5228.

Thank you and be well!